Unpacking Season 1 of The Flight Attendant - Episode 7

This is Part 7 of a blog series about The Flight Attendant. I will be posting my response to each episode after watching, and doing a bit of 'on the fly' analysis after each initial viewing. Be warned: since the plot will be discussed, there are spoilers ahead!

The Flight Attendant - Episode 7 - 'Hitchcock Double'

Creator: Steve Hockey

Director: Marcos Siega

This was the most satisfying episode yet! The solemnity of episode 6 has progressed into a lighter tone as Miranda and Cassie form a partnership in order to stay alive. There were plenty of twists and more personal advancements for Cassie too as we move towards the season finale.

Among the many surprises in this penultimate episode was the revelation that Miranda wasn't exactly who we may have thought. She is definitely a killer, but didn't do the killings heavily implied (Sabrina and Agent Chavez... or 'Checkered Tie Guy'). She is after the money and she has been trying to corner Cassie to find out where it is. It's hilarious that Cassie has been so good at meddling in Alex's affairs that both Miranda and the FBI agents think she is someone other than a flight attendant. As she reminds Miranda, "We don't just make people's drinks."

The new duo working together brings some much needed humour back to the show, with Cassie's insistence on answering all calls at her regular volume (and she still hasn't changed her ringtone from 'Two of Hearts' by Stacey Q) even though they should now be in 'stealth mode', and Miranda has a very short fuse. You get the impression that she isn't used to having to deal with any nonsense but Cassie's warmth does seem to melt her harshness a little. The mutual agreement that they will work together but don't trust each other seems like a wise move on both parts. After this episode, Miranda (Michelle Gomez) is one of my favourite characters. The casting is perfect and she brings a dryness to the show that reminds me a little of Carolyn Martens played by Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve - another character who makes some questionable choices, but who is fantastic to watch.

Miranda sees Cassie's struggle with alcohol and leads her through a church to an Alcholics Anonymous meeting while they are on the run. Whether this was an act of kindness and a genuine attempt to help her, or more of an attempt at self-preservation if they were to spend some time travelling together isn't clear, but it leads to another step in Cassie's realisation about what she has been dealing with since her childhood, and more specifically, bearing the weight of her father's death. After some outward facing trauma featuring a giant bunny as well as some inner dialogue, she recognises that all the blame she had been absorbing was misplaced. There is still a huge amount of denial about her current relationship with alcohol, but it seems by the end of the episode that instead of drowning in a pool of corner shop vodka, she is beginning to find enough balance to at least keep afloat.

There is some heartfelt reconciliation with Ani and thankfully, Max is alive. Of all the characters in this show, I really hope that Ani and Max come away unscathed!

Finally, Buckley! I don't even know whether I should write about this as it is the biggest twist of the show yet so I am going to refrain from recounting the details. All I will say is that as soon as Cassie's face dropped, so did mine. If you're reading this, and you know what I'm talking about, and you knew it was coming earlier on, congratulations on some excellent television sleuthing!

What questions do I have at the end of episode seven? Will the plan work? How is Megan's storyline relevant? Either the espionage work she is doing for people in North Korea is related to Lion Fish, or perhaps this arc is building towards a longer storyline that will properly develop in Season 2. Will there be more travel in the final episode of the season? That's been missing in the last few episodes.

What predictions do I have at the end of episode seven? Cassie won't stick to the agreed plan with Miranda. The Alex in her head has planted the seed of worry about her being bait so things are bound to go a little off-course.


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